TIFF splitting tool split files into individual pages



TIFF Splitter is simple tool which has been designed to do one job and do it very well. The software processes a folder full of multipage TIFF files and extracts the individual pages to a new single page TIFF file in an output folder of your choice. The extracted pages take the file name of the original document and appends the extracted page number to the end e.g. filename_page01.tiff.

TIFF Splitter works on all versions of Windows and was recently used by a hospital in the north west of England to split 2,460,349 A+E scanned casenotes in the TIFF format, ready to be imported into thier medical record portal.

The utility can also be run from the command line, passing in the folders to be used as parameters. This allows the program to be set up as a scheduled task to process an input folder at regular intervals. The supplied PDF manual explains how this can be achieved.


The looping demo below shows how easy the splitting tool is to use. It shows an input folder with 4 TIFF files being split into an output folder selected by the user.

demo showing tiff splitter working

Installation instructions

After purchasing, the software can be immediately downloaded via sellfy.com who will also confirm the download link via email. Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to your hard disk. Double click on the setup.exe file, to install the system. Then double click the TIFF splitter icon installed to your Windows desktop.

Professional support from the author

Paul Bradley

Purchasing a copy of the TIFF page splitting tool ($17 USD) guarantees the following support services provided by the original author, Paul Bradley. That's me on the right holding the huge eagle.


This software uses the FreeImage open source image library. FreeImage is used under the public license (FIPL) version 1.0

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